Wallflore® SOFT-pk

With the WALLFLORE® SOFT pk system, WALLFLORE® SYSTEMS has an easy application and cost efficient system to green walls outside.

The system can be used in existing and new construction situations. Due to the light weight of 20kg / m1, the WALLFLORE® SOFT system can be mounted on different backgrounds such as: masonry, concrete, timber frame construction, and steel structures.


  • Is living art.
  • Ensures a healthier climate.
  • Is a modular system.
  • Low installation costs.
  • Has a low weight, 20kg per m1.
  • Is 100% recyclable.
  • Is fully automatically controlled.
  • Has low maintenance costs.

Plant design

Thanks to our good cooperation with our plant growers, we can supply a wide range of plants for every unique situation.


The WALLFLORE® SOFT-pk system covers the wall with growth panels and metals stretch.

These growth panels consist of:

  • An invisible aluminum 5083 (AG5) Panel structure.
  • An envelope of HDPE webbing film.
  • Stone wool substrate as a moisture and nutrient medium for planting.

The panels are mounted in a horizontal suspension construction made of aluminum 5083 (AG5)


Standaard paneel afmetingen (lengte x breedte):
1200 x 250 / 900 x 250 / 600 x 250 / 300 x 250 mm
Afwijkende maten zijn ook mogelijk (op aanvraag).

Irrigation system

A fully automatic irrigation system ensures the correct moisture balance in the green wall. From a standalone system to a simple solution with a water tank and pump. A network of invisible pressure compensated pipes ensures an even supply and moisture distribution.

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