Wallflore Indoor

for applications on walls in existing and new buildings.

WallFlore Indoor is a unique, easy-to-install system, for applications on walls in existing and new buildings.

WallFlore Indoor

  • Is living art.
  • Provides a healthier indoor climate.
  • Ensures VOC reduction.

(Volatile Organic Components)

  • Is a modular system.
  • Is easy to assemble.
  • Has easily replaceable drip lines.
  • Has low installation costs.
  • Has a low weight, 50kg per m2.
  • Is ideal for many situations.
  • Is fully automatically controlled.

Plant design

Thanks to our good cooperation with our plant growers, we can offer a wide range of plants for every unique situation.


The WallFlore Indoor system covers the wall with growth panels.

These growth panels consist of:

  • A basket made of galvanized steel wire with an epoxy powder coating.
  • An envelope of HDPE webbing film.
  • Stone wool substrate as a moisture and nutrient medium for plants.

The panels are mounted in a vertical suspension construction made of high-quality magnelian steel.

Panel sizes

A =     1000 mm        625 mm

            875 mm          500 mm

            750 mm          375 mm

B =     600 mm          300 mm                     

            450 mm

(it is possible to make custom panels)

Irrigation system

A fully automatic irrigation system ensures the correct moisture balance in the green wall. From a standalone system to a simple solution with a water tank and pump, we provide a large array of possibilities for watering the green wall.

A network of invisible pressure-compensated pipes ensure an even feed and moisture distribution.

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