Wallflore® FLEX

The Flex walls are built from the same panels as for the EFIX system.

The Flex walls are built from the same panels as the EFIX system.

Mounted on a steel frame located above a water tank / container. This container must be supplied with water manually. A submersible pump ensures the circulation of water through the green wall. A power connection is necessary for this. A filled water tank lasts an average of 2 to 3 weeks.


  • Is living art.
  • Provides a healthier indoor climbing size.
  • Ensures VOC reduction.

(Volatile Organic Components)

  • Is a mobile system.
  • Is easy to install.
  • Has easily replaceable drip hoses.
  • Has low installation costs.
  • Is suitable for many situations.
  • Is fully automatically controlled.


  • Aluminum rear construction, Edge finish, Water tank in any desired RAL color
  • Plant panels, consisting of a basket made of galvanized steel wire, filled with rock wool
  • The pre-cultivated plants are planted directly in the rock wool.


The standard dimensions

Planted on one side:      

  • 250 mm x 2.100 mm x 250 mm (WxHxD).
  • Other dimensions possible, on request.

Order for the plants to grow sufficiently, sufficient daylight is required.If this is not present, this can be solved with artificial light. The lighting must be at least 750 lux and pure white light (full spectrum).

Lighting is available on request.

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