About Wallflore®

Years of consistently innovating.

Wallflore ® Systems is a brand for the vertical greening of interior walls and facades. With this innovative technique you create a vertical garden with a special, green and sustainable character.


Wallflore uses sustainable products.

Fire safety

Wallflore has a fire class certification of B S1 d0.

Pleasant environment

Wallflore helps to reduce VOCs and green offices make staff happy; 20% increase in concentration.

Better environment

Wallflore helps to cool the built environment and reduce particulate matter.

Our systems can be used in new and existing buildings on different surfaces. Each project is unique, each wall has its own shape. If you would like tailor-made advice, please do not hesitate to contact us, we are happy to assist you.

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For indoor applications, Wallflore offers you various green options. 


Wallflore offers various options for vertical planting of facades and external walls.