Wallflore® Soft pk

Wallflore SOFT-pk is a unique system with which you can transform concrete structures in for example, parking garages into a vertical garden. The system is in general equal to the Wallflore SOFT-e system, however this system isn’t combining with a foliage-supporting grid structure. The hanging type plants in this system grow below the plant panels and will follow, for example the concrete structure or balustrades. The whole assembly is made of our high quality aluminum Fix-lide system. The plant panels use stonewool growing substrates in order to guarantee a good and healthy growth of the plants. In addition the system is provided with a complete irrigation system to feed plants with water and nutritive elements. This irrigation network can be used either ‘stand alone’ or ‘web-based’. It is also possible to use harvested rainwater to irrigate the plants.

The use of hanging type plants allows the designer to clad large wall area in a cost-effective way. At the same time it improves the quality of the air around your building through the natural destruction of air pollutants and VOCs by the natural photosynthesis of plants. Studies have proven that a green and durable environment contributes to an improvement of the well-being of people.

example1 The big advantages of this system:
• Green cladding of concrete structures or balustrades
   in a cost effective way
• The specification of hanging type plants will give a natural
   and luxuriant dimension to your facade
• easy way to cover concrete structures and balustrades
• Reduction of fine pollutant micro-particles, volatile organic
   compounds and nitrogen
• Acoustic dampening of surrounding noises
• Improvement of air quality and contributing to CO² compensation

Read more about the technical properties of the Wallflore SOFT-pk system.

Step by step guide

Vertical hydroponic wall

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product overview

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