Wallflore® PER-i

Wallflore PER-i is a unique system to transform indoor walls into a vertical plant garden with numerous possibilities for plant designs.

Wallflore PER-i is a system consisting of the high-quality aluminum Fix-lide system combined with plant panels using stonewool as a growing substrate in order to guarantee a good healthy growth of the plants. In addition the system is provided with a complete irrigation system to feed plants with water and nutritive elements. This irrigation network can be used either ‘stand alone’ or ‘web-based’. It is also possible to use harvested rainwater to irrigate the plants.

Wallflore PER-i can improve the quality of the indoor air quality of your building through the natural destruction of air pollutants and VOCs by the natural photosynthesis of plants. Studies have proven that a green environment contributes to the reduction of internal building sickness, a reduction of work-absenteeism and an improvement of the well-being of office workers.

example1 The big advantages of this system:
• Simple and complete greening of your wall
• Unlimited possibility of plant designs
• A wide range of plants available
• Reduction of fine pollutant micro-particles, volatile
   organic compounds and nitrogen
• Acoustic dampening of surrounding noises

Read more about the technical properties of the Wallflore PER-i system.

Step by step guide

Vertical hydroponic wall

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