Wallflore® FLEX

Wallflore FLEX is the solution to manage the layout of your working environment in a green way. This mobile wall is a unique solution for (temporary) partition and decoration of your open plan and office rooms.

The Wallflore FLEX system is made of an aluminum framework supporting plant panels with a stonewool growing substrate. The Wallflore FLEX system includes a built-in irrigation system which continuously provides water and nutrition to the plants. The wall comes as a “stand alone” plug-and-play unit.

The dimension and the design of the mobile wall make it easy to move the Wallflore Flex to match your changing requirements. Furthermore the wall will contribute to the improvement of the air quality of your environment.

example1 Advantages of the Wallflore FLEX:
• Easy-to-use green partition and decoration of your room.
• Versatility with a wide range of plants available.
• Plug-and-play ease of use
• Reduction of fine pollutant micro-particles,
   volatile organic compounds and nitrogen
• Improvement of air quality

Read more about the technical properties of the Wallflore FLEX system.

Step by step guide

Vertical hydroponic wall

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product overview

Indoor      Wallflore PER-i
Indoor      Wallflore SOFT-i
Indoor      Wallflore FLEX
outdoor    Wallflore PER-e
outdoor    Wallflore SOFT-e
outdoor    Wallflore SOFT-pk