Nr. 22 MKB innovation top 100

mkb top 100
The MKB Innovation Top 100 is a business award meant as an incentive to innovate. Wallflore was, together with over 230 Small and Medium Businesses present to compete for a place in the top 100. The strength of this initiative is to show what the small and medium businesses can do. On Thursday 26th of May, the 6th edition of the Small and Medium Businesses Innovation Top 100 was presented.This is an initiative of Syntens, innovation centre for entrepreneurs, NL Octrooicentre and NRC Handelsblad. This top 100 is considered as the biggest and most important innovation reward for companies in the Small and Medium Businesses.

The jury judged the nominations based on originality, impact, degree of protection, availability and sales potential. With the innovative green walls en facades, Wallflore scored really well thus being ranked 22nd place!

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product overview

Indoor      Wallflore PER - i
Indoor      Wallflore SOFT - i
Indoor      Wallflore FLEX
outdoor    Wallflore PER - e
outdoor    Wallflore SOFT - e
outdoor    Wallflore SOFT - pk

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