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Wallflore® architects

In order to give you a clearer insight into the Wallflore systems and their possibilities, Wallflore will make some technical drawings available to you. For the following products you will find a technical view in both 2D as 3D. Technical drawings with the DWG(autoCAD) extension and PDF(Adobe) can be requested per product by using the request form.

Wallflore® PER(interior) drawings: 

Numerous possibilities with plants in an indoor vertical garden.

The PER-i system gives you the possibility for a beautiful plant design.
facade system
facade system

Wallflore® SOFT(interior) drawing: 

A vertical indoor garden with a natural and luxuriant character through the use of hanging- and climber-type plants.

The SOFT-i system SOFT-i system is ideal for the green cladding of large wall areas.
vertical garden
vertical green planting

Wallflore® FLEX drawings: 

The mobile partition system Wallflore FLEX allows you to work with the layout and decoration of your room in a sustainable and flexible way.
mobile wall
Office partition

Wallflore® PER(exterior) drawings: 

Various possibilities of vertical planting for your facade or exterior wall.

The PER-e system gives you the possibility of a beautiful plant design.
wall planting

Wallflore® SOFT(exterior) drawings: 

A vertical garden with a natural and luxuriant character on a facade or exterior wall.

The application of hanging and climbing plants in the SOFT-e system makes it possible to cover large wall areas.
Cladding system
Green roof

Wallflore® SOFT-pk drawings: 

A vertical garden with hanging- and climber-type plants.

The SOFT-pk system covers a low height and is therefore suitable for applications such as carparks, railings, balustrades and balconies.
wall planting
Vegetation blanket

Step by step guide

Vertical hydroponic wall

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product overview

Indoor      Wallflore PER-i
Indoor      Wallflore SOFT-i
Indoor      Wallflore FLEX
outdoor    Wallflore PER-e
outdoor    Wallflore SOFT-e
outdoor    Wallflore SOFT-pk